Ado Mukho Svanasana

Ado-mukho-svanasana helps in stretching of whole body. The name comes from Sanskrit word ‘Adho’ means ‘forward’ ‘mukho’ is ‘face’ and ‘svana’ is ‘dog’ and ‘asana’ is ‘pose’. It is very simple and easy asana. Beginners can start with this pose.

Ado Mukho Svanasana

steps to do Ado-mukho-svanasana

On the yoga mat bend with hands and knees on the floor. The palms should firmly be grounded on the floor with fingers spread properly.

Knees should directly be underneath the hips and palms should be underneath the shoulders.

The body should be shaped in an inverted V shape. While exhaling the hips are moved up towards the ceiling. Also lift the knees away from the floor.

The arms should be kept straight with the inner elbows facing the ceiling and shoulders are firm and relaxed. The outer part of the ears should touch the inner part of the arms this helps in neck lengthened.

Keep the spine straight and the tail bone facing up towards the ceiling.

Take a normal breathe while holding this asana. Look towards the navel.

Hold the position for 1 min. Exhale bend the knees and slowly get back to table position before returning to normal pose.

Benefits of ado mukho svanasana

Helps in stretching the muscles of whole body.

Strengthens and tones arms and legs.

As the action is done against the gravity, blood flows in opposite direction , takes out pressure from heart to pump blood.

Helps in releasing the pain in the back.

Helps in improving the immune system and digestion,

Helps in calming the mind and makes mind fresh and move away from depression.

precautions for ado mukho svanasana

Should not do if a person is suffering from carpel syndrome and diahorrea

Avoid doing during mensuration.

Pregnant women in late pregnancy should avoid.

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Pose in Ado Mukho Svanasana

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