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June 17, 2020

Jataka Tales


Here are some moral stories to read from Jataka Tales. Enjoy reading the stories.


The Jataka tales were written between 300 BC to 400 AD and each story has a moral to understand and implement in our day today life. Jataka Tales are some of the examples of Buddhists literature which was written in Pali Language.. These brilliant fables are intended to teach mankind the values of sacrifice, honesty, mortality and other important values. It tells us the previous reincarnation of Gautam Buddha both in human and animal form

It was originally written in the Pali language and later translated to many other languages. The Ajanta caves in Maharashtra portrays Jataka tales in a narrative way wherein people while walking around the caves can read these stories. Some of the collections of Jataka Tales are provided here. Enjoy reading the stories.

Click here to read all the stories of Jataka Tales jataka-tales

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