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May 18, 2020

Ancient India-- Art, Architecture, Education,Geography


In this Issue

We are giving more details about Ancient Indian Languages, art, architecture, caste and many more....

Click here to read the full pages on Ancient India Ancient India: Indian history is very interesting to read and understand. Ancient India history started with the arrivals of Aryans and the Indus valley civilisation. The ancient period can be categorised into 3 different categories. They are Pre historic era, Early historic era and the golden age. With the introduction of caste system, people were divided based on their castes. Indus valley civilisation was one of the most sophisticated and matured civilisation.

The archaeological sites of Indus valley civilisation like the Mehargarh, Baluchistan shows a settled life and domestication of animals like goat, sheep and cattle. The settled life during Indus Valley Civilisation meant proper brick houses were built with good water and drainage system. The houses built during this period were very well planned and engineered. With the development and increase in population people started to move to different places in search of food and shelter.

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