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July 01, 2021

Jim Corbett national park is the oldest tiger reserve in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India. Named after Jim Corbett, a British national, who worked for the development of the park. The park is currently spread over an area of 520 Sq Km. The park is home for more than 110 types of trees, 51 types of shrubs, 27 types of climbers and grass.

The park is home for many animals such as tiger, leopard, nilgai, deer, elephant, wild boar, Hedgehog. River Ramganga flows through the Park providing abundant water for the flora and fauna. The main attraction of this park is tigers, but sighting a tiger is very difficult as the park is spread over a large area and it is not easy to spot tigers in this vast area of thick forest or grasslands.

This vast park is divided into following five zones for convenience of administration based on the topography:

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