Different Postures in Bhujangasana

Updated on 30-06-2020

Bhujangasana is also known as cobra pose in English. Every asana in yoga has its own benefits. Bhujangasana also is a very important asana or pose in yoga. Bhujangasana comes from a Sanskrit word Bhujanga which means snake and asana means pose. It is very easy to do. Make sure you keep your stomach and bowels empty.

Step by step procedure to do Bhujangasana


Lie down on the yoga mat on your stomach.

Place your hands by the side and the toes straight touching one another. Later slowly move your hands to the front at shoulder level keeping your elbows parallel and straight and close to your body. 

Heels and feet should touch each other.

Relax and breathe normally.

Take a deep breath and lift your upper body while keeping the navel on the ground. Only lift your chest, head and abdomen.

Lift your upper body slowly by keeping the hands under the shoulders. Put the weight on the palms.

Elbows should touch the ribcage.

Take a deep breathe while lifting the chest abdomen up till navel.

Try to keep the arms straight and lift as much as possible. Feel the pressure on your hips, thighs.

Hold the asana for about 15- 30 seconds. Breath normally while in the asana position. You can slowly increase the number of seconds to close to 1 minute.

To get back into the normal position slowly bring your hands on the ground and move it to the sides. Rest your head on the ground by keeping the forehead on the ground. Do inhale and exhale  normally.

Slowly get back to the normal position. Make sure your feet are close to each other.

Beginners can stretch as much as possible.

Don’t hurt yourself by trying to stretch too much.

Repeat as many times as possible for you.

Benefits of the asana

Relaxes the body muscles and gives strength to the spinal chord.

Helps in toning of muscles. 

It helps to regulate the metabolism, thus helps in maintaining and balancing the body weight.

Cures acidity, constipation and any other stomach related problems

Strengthens the back, shoulders and arms.

Improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Firms the buttocks.

It relieves sciatica and asthma.

Stimulates organs like pancreas, kidneys and abdomen.

Helps in taking out anxiety, stress, depression by elevating the mood.

precautions for doing Bhujangasana

People with spinal injury or any spinal surgery should avoid doing this asana.

Women during menstruation period should avoid and pregnant ladies should avoid doing this asana.

 People with wrist injury should also avoid it as it puts pressure on the arms and wrist.

people suffering from any heart disorders should consult a physician before doing the asana

Avoid this asana if you are suffering from any Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

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