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Vakrasana( the spinal twist position):

This is an important asana for reducing the abdominal fat and stretching the thigh muscles it also helps strengthening the nervous system and helps in overcoming spinal injuries.

Steps to do the Vakrasana:

Sit erect on the yoga mat or floor so that the spinal is at 90degrees to the ground.

Both legs should be stretched forward

Bend the right leg at the knee straight and stretched and place the foot by the side of the left leg.

Keep right hand behind resting the palm on the ground. In align with the right leg but away from the body

Inhale and keep the left hand shoulder high on the right leg by keeping the elbow straight.

Exhale and twist towards right hand side.

Keep the face relaxed and keep breathing normally

Hold the position for 2mins.

Relax and get back to the original position.

Repeat the position on the other side.

Take a deep breath and relax.

caution while doing vakrasana

It is advised that pregnant women should avoid doing this asana as it presses the abdomen. Women should also avoid doing during mensuration.

People with back pain should avoid doing this asana.

This asana is not recommended to people suffering from hernia or Ulcer. consult a physician before doing this asana.

Benefits of Vakrasana

Helps in loosening the spine muscles. removes stiffness in the back.

Helps to overcome constipation.

Reduces the belly fat, loosens the hip joints and helps in releasing stiffness from the body.

Helps in controlling diabetes. For best results diabetic patients should do twice in a day.

Helps in regulating the secretion of digestive juices and also helps in various digestive disorders.

stretches the muscles of whole body.

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