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Travel Delhi. If you are planning to visit Delhi and not able to decide where to stay which places to visit what clothes to get then don't worry. This page gives you a complete guide about Delhi. So stay cool and enjoy the trip. Delhi being the capital city of Delhi is very important tourist destination in India. People of Delhi are very kind and help the tourists who visit the city. The street food is very famous. Look into my pages plan well and enjoy your trip in Delhi.

Welcome to the capital city of India. To experience varied culture, seasons, different varieties of food, the historical monuments and different markets one should visit Delhi. People from different states have come and settled here hoping for a decent life. Delhi is not only famous for its history, food, culture but also famous for its pollution especially during winters. Delhi is surrounded by Haryana and Punjab to the West, Uttar Pradesh to North and West and Rajasthan to east.  Certain satellite towns were developed around Delhi to decongest Delhi such as Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad.  A special administrative body called National Capital Region Board (NCR Board) is created to plan and develop these areas and this area is called NCR area.. NCR area includes Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida as well as Delhi.  Spread over an area of 1,484 sq. Km Delhi is one of the main tourist places in India. Many foreigners who come to India as travellers make base as Delhi and visit many places which are in close vicinity of Delhi. 

Delhi has a varied culture and history. The markets places get bustling during festivals season. Many festivals are celebrated here as people from different states have come here and made Delhi as their home.

Culture of Delhi is a mixture of the different cultures from different states of India. The history of Delhi is reflected in the culture of Delhi. Right from the Hindu culture to Muslim culture and British culture one can experience a blend of many cultures. One can hear the Qawwalis, Gurbanis, classical devotional songs as one travels across Delhi.

Touristic places in Delhi

What all you are waiting for. I have made your job easy through these pages. Just click on the links get all details and enjoy your trip.

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