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Sirsasana also known as the head stand position is an important asana where the whole body is in inverted position and the body weight is on the forearms which rest on the ground. The crown of the head lightly touches the ground. This asana is known as the king of all asanas. It would be good if this asana is learnt under an instructor.

Steps to do Sirsasana

Steps to do the sirsasana

  • Make sure no harmful objects are close by.
  • Begin with a vajrasana position.
  • Bend forward and keep the arms on the floor with fingers interlocking.
  • The arms should rest on the floor till elbow.
  • Keep your head on the yoga mat.
  • The crown of the head should be between the arms on the fingers which are interlocked.
  • Hold your head tight and now slowly lift the legs till buttocks so that the legs are straight and are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Applying pressure on your hand slowly lift the trunk of your body and legs above the ground.
  • After the trunk is moved up slowly lift the legs and keep it straight with the trunk.
  • Lift the trunk further up till the whole of your body is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Try to maintain this position as long as you are comfortable.
  • To get back to a normal position bend your knees and lower the thighs.
  • Now slowly drop the legs so that the toes touch the ground.
  • Lie down or do shavasana for a few minutes as the blood is distributed to the whole body.
  • Beginners can start doing this asana by taking the support of a wall till they get the technique correctly.

Sirsasana pose

Benefits of Sirsasana

  • This asana helps in releasing stress and headaches from the head as the blood gushes to the brain.
  • The extra flow of blood to the face and head helps for eyes and other organs.
  • The blood flow to the brain also helps in improving the nervous system and function of pituitary glands.
  • Improves memory power and removes lethargic life.
  • This asana helps in stopping hair fall, greying of hair due to flow of blood into the brain.
  • Helps in treating various sexual problems both in men and women.
  • RBC formation also increases on regular practice.

Precautions to be taken for Sirasana

  • This asana should not be performed if you have any back injury.
  • People with heart diseases should avoid or consult a physician before doing.
  • Women should avoid  during menstruation and also pregnant ladies should not perform.
  • Mastering this asana will certainly take time. Hence it is required to have a lot of patience.Never hold your breath while performing any yoga asana.
  • As the entire body weight is on the muscles of hands, neck and shoulders if you have heart problems, spondylitis and vertigo try to avoid doing this asana.

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