Dhanurasana is known as bow asana as when it is done the shape of the body takes bow shape. Dhanurasana is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Dhanu' means 'bow' and 'asana' means posture. It is another important asana in Hatha yoga.

Different steps of Dhanurasana

Steps to do Dhanurasana

Lie on the ground on your stomach and arms by the side of your body.

Keep legs apart. Exhale and Lift or bend the legs till knees as close to your buttocks. Your knees should not be wider than your hips

Take your hands behind and hold the legs in the ankles.

Inhale and lift your thighs away from the floor. As you lift the thighs higher open and press your shoulder firmly against your back so that your chest opens widely.

Breathe normally. Lift your chest from the ground and pull your legs up till you are comfortable.

The shape of your body should resemble a bow now.

While breathing normally hold the position till you are comfortable.

After 30 seconds get back to a normal position and relax.

For beginners if it is difficult to lift the thighs away from the floor then you can roll up a mat or blanket and place it below your thighs. This lifts the thighs and up and helps you to hold it.

Benefits of Dhanurasana


This asana helps in curing constipation and helps in reducing belly fat.

Helps in overcoming lethargy and laziness in our body.

Massage thyroid and adrenal glands.

Helps in flexibility of back, legs, arms

Stretches the whole body. Helps in toning legs and arms muscles.

Very helpful for women. It provides relief from menstruation problems.

Stimulates the reproductive organs.


People with high or low blood pressure, back pain, hernia,  headache and any abdominal surgery should avoid doing this asana.

Pregnant ladies should avoid doing this asana as it stretches their abdomen.

Better to do any asana with the help of an expert guide.

Bend as much as you can. Do not stress yourself that it can cause injury to the spine or any part of your body.

Beginners should start slowly.


A variation to Dhanurasana is Parsva Dhanurasana pose. To perform this asana exhale and turn towards one side wherein one side of your shoulder is pressed to the floor. Then bend your legs in the opposite direction till your knees. Hold the legs with your arms and repeat it on the otherside. Finally get back onto your belly with exhalation. It is a good exercise for your abdominal organs.

Another variation could be Purna Dhanurasana where the legs are brought to the head. It is the extreme backbend pose and is not advisable for beginners.

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