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Health-Lifestyle. A good health is a gift of God. But maintaining it is in our hands. A good health of a person can be termed as good physical conditions with no ailments or injury. A good health can be either physical health or mental health. It is just not enough to have any one of them (physical or mental) in good shape, having both mental and physical in good health is very important. How is it possible? Some simple changes in the lifestyle of a person can make a lot difference. With the stressful lifestyle of any person in this century, food and exercise plays a major role for keeping good health. With many new diseases cropping up it is important to have a good knowledge of good food and proper fitness.

In fact when somebody is asked a question about what is good health he or she defines only about the physical health but however the mental health of a person is equally important for proper functioning. A person who enjoys good mental health is able to cope up with day to day stress of life.

Food for toddlers

Food for kids: 0 to 3 years

Balanced diet is key for growth of the child. Why is breast feeding important? How to keep your child healthy?

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Healthy food for kids

Food for kids: 4 to 15 years

What should you feed for better growth? Do you wish to see your children tall/ strong and fit? Is your kid fussy about food? What is the right amount of proteins to be given?

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Keeping fit by eating healthy food

What to eat and how to keep fit?: 20 to 40 years

Transformation age, where ones moves from being a young adult to a mature adult which eventually leads to one step closer to old age.

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Healthy food for 40 above age

Crossed 40? Want to lead a healthy life style?

Half way through life, do's and don'ts for healthy life style - food, exercise and yoga.

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