Goa beaches

 Goa Beaches

Country: India

Capital: Panaji

Elevation:1,020 m

Best time to visit:  November to February and June to September

Goa is a state located on the western coast of India, known for its picturesque beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. The place is renowned for its stunning beaches that attract tourists from around the world.

 Goa Beaches: As one think to travel Goa what one gets into mind is the famous beaches of Goa. Tourists throng to Goa mainly for the beaches. Stretched over 125Km the beaches are divided into north and south Goa. The lively action, night life makes Goa beaches world famous. The beaches in North Goa are more commercial and good for night life partying. Beaches in the South of Goa are more for relaxing and lazing in the beach.

Bogmalo beach: A small beach which is very peaceful due to less commercialization is located  9Km from Vasco Da gama port. It is situated on a small bay of curvy sandy beach. It is 4Km from Dabolim airport. Bogmalo beach is perfect for people who do not like crowd. Due to fewer visitors the beach is very clean and neat. This beach is a perfect place to watch the sunset. The sea side is surrounded by coconut palms and fishing villages. Number of good restaurants is available near the beach, so one has no problem for enjoying a perfect Goan cuisines.

Bogmalo beach is famous for swimming, sunlight bathing and few other water sport activity. This beach is also good for shopping as many handicrafts shops are available in and around the beach. Open on all days Bogmalo beach is perfect beach for a family holiday. There are many restaurants which open up late night for giving a perfect night life for the tourists. Even though one can visit all through the year the best time is from October to March.

How to reach

By air- Dabolim airport which is 5Km or Vasco da gama which is 9km

By rail- the nearest railway stations are Vasco da gama, Madgaon , Karnali which are close to 25km.

By bus- many buses ply from Vasco da gama.

Goa Beach--Querim

Goa Beach--Querim

Querim beach: This beach is still not explored by many tourists. It is located in the north of Arambol beach and South of Tirachol River. It is also called as keri beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches with very few tourists. Tirachol fort is located near the beach which is converted into a hotel now. There is also an old 17th century church. There is also a temple along the beach which is very old. Querim beach has a long stretch of sand. This beach is famous for sunbathing due to long stretch of sand and swimming. The sea shore is dotted with full of pine trees, which is breath taking. Though open throughout the year best time to visit is November to March.

How to reach

By air: nearest airport is Dabolim which is around 60 Km

By rail: Nearest railway station is Pernem which is around 17 Km.

By road: It has many buses services available from Pernem, mopusa.

Arambol Beach in Goa

Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol beach: This pristine beach is located 50 Km from Panaji situated in Northern part of Goa. This is the main beach in Goa which attracts lot of tourists every year.

Even though many tourists visit this beach it is very well maintained. It is stretched for 16 Km also known as Harmol beach. The long stretch consists of soft sandy road. Arambol has a distinct Bohemein culture which is not present in any other beaches. Arambol beach is sandwiched between Mandrem Beach to the South and Kalacha Beach to the North.

The beach is surrounded by small rocky cliff which is a treat to watch. Due to rocky cliffs one can enjoy doing paragliding. Sun bathing is another important activity one does here by listening to live music. Other activities include yoga, swimming. Small huts are available made of woods and thatched roofs for night stay. Another major attraction around Arambol beach is the fresh water lagoon which is fed by hot springs of sulphurous mud.

It is believed that the hot springs has many healing properties. There is also a bug banyan tree near the lake, a must visit place. The beach has night parties with live music bands singing and dancing.   The best time to visit the beach is from November till March. It is believed that some hippes discovered this beach in 1960s.

There are not many restaurants but however there are few cafes and eateries which serve good food.

How to reach

By air: The nearest airport is the Dabolim airport which is 29 Km from Panaji.

By rail: the two main railway station are Vasco da gama and Margoa.

By Road: buses ply from Mapusa every hour. One can hire a taxi from Margoa or Vasco da gama stations.

Mandrim Beach in Goa

Mandrim Beach Goa

Mandrim beach:  Mandrem beach is located at a distance of 24Km from Mopusa and around 31Km from North of Panaji. Located in the northern part of Goa this beach is ideally for honeymooners. Still not explored by tourists Mandrim beach is very clean and clear. Mandrem beach is a white sand sandwiched between Ashwem and Arambol beach.

As this beach is secluded one can have a look at the white bellied fish eagles on causirina trees. If one is lucky enough they get a chance to look into the nest of Olive Ridley marine turtles. This beach is surrounded by bamboo trees. There are not many restaurants around the beach. Night life and many clubs are slowly gaining importance due to increase in tourists. It is open throughout the year but best time to visit is from November till March.

How to reach

By air: nearest airport is Dabolim airport which is 43Km.

By rail: nearest railway station is Tivim railwat station

By road: bus services are available from Mapusa and other places.

Morjim Beach in Goa

Morjim Beach Goa

Morjim Beach: This beach is located on the northern part of Goa, Pernem. This beach is home for hatching and nesting of endangered species Olive Ridley turtles. Hunting the eggs of these turtles is strictly punishable under wildlife protection act of 1972.

Hence this beach is called Turtle beach. To protect the breeding of these species partying in the beach around these nests are not allowed. Swimming and Kite surfing is an important activity of this beach. The serene atmosphere, the beauty of sunset, makes it a perfect spot for holidaying and lazing around. The preferred time to visit is from November till March.

How to reach

By air: nearest airport is Dabolim airport

By rail: nearest railway station is Tivim railway station which is 20Km

By road: lot of bus services are available from Mopusa. One can hire taxis also.

Chapora Beach in Goa

Chapora Beach Goa

Chapora beach: Situated in northern part of Goa, 10Km from Mopusa. It is a coastal village at Chapora River. This beach is also close to Vagator beach. Surrounded by green hills and coconut trees all round this beach is perfect destinations for tourists who intend to relax and wish to have sunbath.

The beach consists of white sandy soil and rocky cliffs as one move towards Vagator beach. The beach is thronged with visitors all the time of the year and more during peak seasons from November till March. If you are a foodie and want to eat sea food this can be one of the best places. Lot of restaurants are present all along the beach who serves rich delicious sea food and food of your choice.

Chapora beach is a small fishing village so tourists can try and do some fishing here. Other than these tourists can enjoy the sunrise and sunset along the beach. Some other activities include para sailing, jet skiing, swimming and many more. Lot of huts are available for night accommodation. Night life is quiet calm and rejuvenating.

Many restaurants and bar serve good drink and food at night.  Many shops are present all along the beach for some shopping. Many artifacts such as candles, trinklets made of sea shells are sold here. The prices are fixed so if one is good in bargaining then can definitely bargain while doing shopping. Some of the important sight seeing places around Chapora beach are Chapora fort, Vagator beach and many more.

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Dabolim which is 29Km away from Panaji.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Karmali which is just 11Km from Panaji.

By Road: Bus services are available from Panaji and Mopusa. Vagator is very close to Chapora. Bus services are available from here as well.

Vagator Beach in Goa

Vagator Beach Goa

Vagator Beach: Vagator beach is located 8 Km from Mapusa and 22Km from Panaji. It is located in Bardez town and is located opposite to Chapora River. It is close to Anjuna beach. The lush greenery all around and the swaying palms trees is a delight to tourist’s eye. Vagator beach has its own beauty with sunset and sunrise.

The beach is surrounded by white sand and red cliffs on the shore. There are two water springs which comes out of the cliffs. The beach is mainly parted into two with seaside holds car park and lots of stalls of clothes, soft drinks and snacks and on the right is the Vagator beach and on the left Ozran beach.

Some of the activities include swimming, water sports like scuba diving, para sailing, banana boat rides and many more. One can visit the Chapora fort. Good time to visit is from November to March. One can spend a whole day seeing the beauty and calmness of this beach. Tourists can trek till Chapora fort. The Chapel here became the church of Parish is dedicated to S.Antonio.

After reaching the top of the fort one can look at the Vagator beach on one side and Morjim beach on the other. There are many restaurants which serves good Mediterranean cuisines and food of your choice. Lot of small shops are there if one needs to some shopping. One can buy some souvenirs.

How to reach:

By air: Nearest airport is Dabolim which is approximately one hour drive.

By rail: Nearest railway station is Tivim which is 30 minutes drive from Vagator.

By road: buses ply from Mopusa. One can even hire a scooter from near by place for a rent of around 300 rs.

Baga Beach in Goa

Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach: Baga beach is considered as truly a great place for lazing, holidaying and enjoying the serene beauty of the nature, the clear sea water with white sand. It is believed that this beach was discovered by Hippies in 60’s It is a treat to watch the sunset from this beach like many lore beaches. Located at the northern part of Goa, this beach stretches from Sinquerim, Candolim, Calagunate and then lead to Baga beach.

It can be said that this stretch is a stretch of beautiful long beaches where tourists visit in large number. This long stretch of sandy beach is filled with restaurants, fishing boats and resorts. The beach stands among high hills and Arabian sea on the other side. Baga beach can be the top in the list of the tourists because of the beauty of sunset, nightlife and good eateries. Nightlife in Baga is very energetic and vibrant.

Apart from the scenic beauty Baga beach has many water sports activities lie para sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and many more. The important activity in Baga beach is Dolphin spotting and trips to other islands if you could do night stay in Baga beach.

Some of the famous restaurants are St Antony which serves authentic sea food, other restaurants like café Mambo and café Tito. Shopping in Baga market is an experience in itself. Saturday market  was started in competition with Wednesday market in Anjuna beach. Eventhough it did not gain as much publicity as Wednesday market in Anjuna Beach still many stalls line up in Saturday market.

How to reach

By air: nearest airport is Dabolim airport which is 50 Km

By rail: Nearest railway station is Karmali which is 15Km and from Panaji which is around 20Km

By Road: bus services are available from Mopusa. It is just an hour an hour drive from Panaji. Cycles or scooters can be hired from these places.

Anjuna Beach in Goa

Anjuna beach in Goa

Anjuna beach: Anjuna beach is considered as mother of all beaches is located in Bardez Taluk. Located 18 Km from Panaji Anjuna beach is a part of the long stretch of coastline along the west coast of Goa. Nestled between Arabian sea and hills, it still remains as a mother of all beaches in Goa.

Beauty of the beach lies in the nature all around it with the moving of the palm trees all around and the soft white powered sands. The beach has rock cliffs forming a cove which was called as ozran. It is mainly famous for its rave, and trance(electronic dance music that developed in 90’s in Germany) party and night life. Hippies used to do the rave parties in 60’s.

Anjuna beach is ever lively with its full moon by watching the white waves and Wednesday market. There are three chapels near Anjuna village S Antonio, Mazalvaddo, Grande Chinvar. The beach is quite close to Chapora beach which is a tourist place near by.

Some of the important activities in which tourists can indulge are swimming, bungee jumping, sunbathing, paragliding, windsurfing and many more. Best time to visit is from November till march. During this Christmas and New Year the number of tourists increases for the beach parties and night life.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels for accommodation. It would be advisable to books the rooms in advance during the peak season of Christmas and New Year. There are plenty of restaurants which serve good food and music in the background. There are certain restaurants which serve sea food and authentic Goan food.

How to reach:

By air: Nearest airport is Dabolim airport which is around 50 Km Anjuna.

By rail: Nearest railway station is at Karmali which is around 30 Km from Anjuna and 11 Km from Panaji.

By road: there are buses from Mapusa for every one hour. Bikes can also be taken for rent.

Colva Beach in Goa

Colva beach in Goa

Colva beach is located in southern Goa is one of the most spectacular and sought of beach in Goa. It is located at 6Km from west of Margo in the coastal village of Salcete. The beach stretches for 2.5 Km has 25 Km long white powdered sand from  Bogmolo in the North to Cape De Rama in the South.

During the Portuguese rule the Goan high class society people called as Mundanca used to visit colva village for enjoying the beach. Even now one can see the ruins of houses or villas used during those period.

The beach is filled with tourists in the month of October when many people visit the Colva church called as Igreja de Nossa Senhora Das Merces. The church is famous for its annual religious event which happens from 17th century. The event is celebrated on third Monday of October. . This beach is also famous for rave parties and vibrant night life. It is advisable to book hotels in advance during peak season. November to March is also an important season for the tourists

 While enjoying the beauty of the beach one can see lot of fishermen drying mackerel ( a marine fish with green, blue back important as a food fish) and other fishes. These fishermen dry the fishes under the net so that birds do not catch the fishes. Lot of restaurants are available that provide good food.

The best part of this beach is the sunset. Other important activities are water sports like water boat rides, banana boat ride, swimming, sunbathing and many more. If one is bored of doing all the activities then one can do some shopping or tie a net to swing between two coconut trees and even doing sight seeing. Colva beach has lot of places to see around.

Some of them are bull fight( held every year in the month of October in the rice fields with lot of Konkani music around), statute of Menino Jesus in the local Church. This beach is also famous for rave parties and vibrant night life.

How to reach:

By air: Nearest airport is Dabolim which is around 28Km

By Rail: Karmali is the nearest railway station which is around 20Km

By Road: bus services are available from Margoa and Vasco Da Gama and from other major cities.

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