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Jaisalmer Fort--Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort: The oldest fort built by Raja Jaisal in the year 1165AD from whom the fort got its name. It is a famous historical monument which is adjudged as the world heritage site by UNSECO. Built in yellow stand stone, the forts is the house for around 3,000 people. The fort is also known as Sonar Quila because of the yellow sandstone walls which get faded to honey gold after sun sets. Raja Jaisal chose trikutta hills to built this huge fort as his earlier fort Luderwal was vulnerable to war.

The Jaisalmer fort was under the control of Ala ud din Khiliji for almost 9years and survived many Mughals attack. The fort is 250 foot tall and is surrounded by 30 feet long walls all around. The basement of the fort is also has 15ft wall giving double protection. The fort consists of 99 bastions.  The fort is a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The fort consists of four gates namely Hawa Pol, Ganesh Pol, Jawahar Pol, Rang pol. There are many Haveli’s inside the fort which were built by wealthy persons some hundreds of years ago. These Haveli’s are beautifully carved on yellow sand stone. The fort consists of five stories with balconies, countless rooms, decorated windows, doors. The fort consists of five interconnected palaces with jails or jarokhas. The fort has a very good drainage system called as ghut nali which takes away the rain water away from the fort. But however the recent renovation activities have reduced the effectiveness of the system.

Interior of Jaisalmer Fort

Architecture of the Jaisalmer Fort

Maharwal palace is the famous structure located in Chauhata Square. The main attraction of this place is the Maharwals throne which is placed on marbles stone. Another important attraction is the Tazia tower which was constructed by a Muslim ruler. Some havelis are converted into museums but however few havelis still having families residing in it. Another important tourist attraction in the fort is the Jawahar pol where the royal families were residing. This place is highy decorated with carved walls, paintings and beautiful construction.

As one moves outside the Jaisalmer fort , one can see lot of eateries, market place called Manek chowk. Some of the must visit place in the fort are Lakshmi temple, the Jain temple, Raj Mahal temple. Due to lot of shops inside the fort it looks very congested and the pathways are very narrow. The narrow lanes inside the fort lead to houses, temples,

The best time to visit the fort is from October to March. The fort is open from 9am-5pm. Jaisalmer is easily accessible through road, rail and air. Summer months are very difficult as temperatures may go up till 45oc, hence better to avoid summer months.

Jain Temple in Jaisalmer Fort

Jain temple inside the fort

Jain temple: Located inside the Jaisalmer fort, Jain temple is one of the most important tourists visiting place in Jaisalmer. These temples have high archaeological value and dates back to around 12th and 13th centuries. The temple consists idols of various Jain theerthankara’s.  the splendid display of art can be seen in parashvanath temple. Here the walls of the temple have carvings of animals and human figures in Dilwara style. The dome of the temple has beautiful water vase which contains lotus. The opening and closing of the temple keeps changing, so better to check before visiting. Otherwise it is open from early morning till 12 in the noon.

Jain temple

There are in total seven temples inside the fort, the biggest won is the Parshavanath temple and it is the most attractive temple. Other temples are Chandraprabhu temple, Rikhadev temple, Shitalnath temple, Kunthunath temple and Shantinath temple. These temples are built in yellow sand stone and have marvellous architecture. Chandraprabhu is the first temple which one can visit to the right of this temple is the Rikhadev temple and towards the south is the Shitalnath temple. Behind is the Pashavanath temple. The temple is open on all days. It is a must visit place in Jaisalmer.

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