yoga- Asanas, history, tips, precautions and benefit of doing.


Our body is like a machine. How a machine needs to be oiled regularly to keep it in good condition in the same way our body also needs exercise regularly. Yoga is the best medicine for our body to keep it healthy. Yoga is not any religion or God but an art which connects body, mind and soul. Yoga keeps our mind calm, stress free and body light, fit. Yoga deals with both mental and physical fitness unlike any other physical work outs. The asanas keep the physical body young and healthy and the meditation, breathing exercises, dhayana keep mind fit and disciplined. Yoga derives from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to join, to coordinate, to work. Yoga can be judged as a spiritual practice to attain peace in mind, body and soul. To get best result of yoga, it is better to perform in nature and in open environment. The main aim of yoga is to understand one own self and to get peace.

Some of the benefits of doing yoga can be listed below

Keeps mind calm and active

Gets inner peace on doing regular meditation

Increase the flow of blood

Strengthens bones and improves in building muscle

Increases the concentration power especially good for children

Read the below pages and follow the asasnas in correct method to keep your body and mind fit. Enjoy a healthy life.

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