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Indian Folk Music

Indian Folk music

Indian Folk music: India is a land of different cultures and diversities. Folk music of India is unique and world famous. Usually folk music is sung in a gathering and during happiness or festivals or for some other celebrations. Even with the different varieties in music like pop, rock music still folk music holds its own unique place in everybody’s heart. Folk music, tribal music and Carnatic music completely differ from one another. Each region has its own folk music. It is not rigid like Carnatic music a student can learn folk music by listening to it daily without affecting their daily chores.

There is no time limit or age limit to learn Folk music. Many sing the folk music while enjoying their daily routine work. That keeps them active mentally and physically. Folk music doesn’t need a good voice to sing but it is sung in such a way that it touches the heart of the person listening to it.

Music acts as a medium that touches people’s heart worldwide. Some of the folk music which had its birth in rural areas has extended itself to urban areas and have become an integral part of human’s life. Bauls and mystic minstrel’s community of west Bengal spread love and devotion through their song known as Baul Gaan, they don’t belong to any particular community but their music is an expression of unity in nature and soul of man. Similarly some beautiful songs sung by the farmers in Rajasthan called as Pankhida, Panihari sung by women during her daily chores really cherishes the mind of the person.

Music in general is sung during many occasions. There are many songs that relates to harvesting, giving birth to baby, rain song, season song and many more. Folk music is also used to for sending any educational messages to the public. The instruments used in folk music differ from Carnatic music.

In folk music instruments used are ektar, dotar, saringda, santur and rabab. The names may differ according to the region. These instruments are made from the local available materials like bamboo, coconut shells pots which are not expensive. The folk music and folk dance are interrelated to each other.

Some of the famous folk music are Lavani from Maharashtra, Bihugeet from Assam, Bhangra and Gidda from Punjab, Dollu Kunita from Karnataka, Naatpura Pattu from Tamil Nadu, Garbha from Gujarat and many more. Dandiya is a dance music form which is sung during Navratras. Lavani is the famous folk music from Maharashtra. The dance format which is associated with Lavani is known as Tamasha. usually lavani music is sung by female but occasionaly male artist also join them. Garbha is also sung and dance during Navaratra.

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