Birbal caught the thief

Birbal caught the thief

Another fun filled classical story from Akbar and Birbal story collections. Birbal was considered as one of the nine gems in Akbar's court. Akbar had huge respect for him and always consulted him before taking any major decisions. 

Akbar was the famous Mughal king who ruled India for many years and Birbal was his favorite minister. Birbal was one of the nine gems of Akbar. Let us read this funny story: “Birbal caught the thief"

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Once a rich merchant's house was burgled. The rich merchant suspected that one of his own servants could be the thief. He used many plans and tricks to find out the thief but could not find the culprit.

He approached the king and asked for his help to find the culprit. Akbar ordered Birbal to go and help the rich merchant in searching for the thief. Birbal visited the merchant’s house and asked all his servants to assemble at the center of the hall. All the servants assembled at the hall.

Birbal caught the thief

Birbal questioned all the servants, but everyone denied doing any mistake. So, he handed over a stick to all the servants. All sticks were the same length.

 Birbal said, “ These sticks are magical sticks. He asked all the servants to take home the sticks. Further Birbal said the stick of the thief would be longer by two inches.”

All the servants went home and the next morning all the servants gathered at the hall. Birbal went to the merchant's house to collect the sticks. To his surprise he saw the stick of one man had become short by two inches.

At once Birbal said, “ Merchant, he is your thief.” The merchant was very happy and thanked Birbal. But he wanted to know how he was able to find the thief.

Birbal said, “ When the thief took home the stick he was worried that the magical stick may grow longer by two inches. So he cut off the stick by two inches fearing he may be caught. But as this is not a magical stick it did not come back to the same size as another person’s stick.” 

Thus, it was easy to recognize the thief as his stick had become shorter by two inches. Merchant was very happy.

Moral: Truth will always prevail.

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