The Sages Daughter Story

The Sages daughter story

Another interesting story from Hitopadesha tales which teaches us that destiny of anyone cannot be changed.

Once upon a time there was a sage and his wife. They lived near a river. The sage was a very kind hearted person but both sage and his wife were unhappy because they had no children.

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One day as the sage was closing his eyes and doing meditation. At that time a kite dropped a baby girl mouse in the lap of the sage. The sage who was deeply engaged in meditation got up with a shock. He saw a mouse in his lap.

An interesting story of a mouse turning into a girl

The sage was very happy to see the mouse and thought that the god must have sent the mouse to him. He decided to take the mouse to his home and take good care of the mouse. 

The sage and his wife decided to look after the mouse as their daughter. The sage with his extraordinary powers changed the mouse into a beautiful girl. Both sage and his wife took good care of the girl as their daughter. 

Time passed and the girl grew into a beautiful young girl of sixteen years old. The sage’s wife decided to get her daughter married. She requested her husband to look for a suitable groom for their daughter. The sage accepted what his wife said.

The sage started looking for a suitable groom for his daughter. He thought the Sun god would be the perfect match for his daughter.  The sage prayed for the Sun God to marry his daughter. But his daughter refused to marry the sun god and said, “ Dear father, I cannot marry the sun god. He is too hot. I will be reduced to ashes because of his heat.” 

Her father was very disappointed. He asked the sun god to suggest a suitable groom for his daughter. The Sun God said, “ Probably the lord of clouds would be a perfect match to your daughter as only a cloud can stop the rays of the sun.” 

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The sage was very happy and asked the Lord of clouds to marry his daughter. But the girl refused, saying, “ How can I marry a dark person like him. I am so beautiful and he is so dark. I am also very scared of the thunder he generates.”

The sage was very disappointed and asked the clouds if they could suggest a suitable groom to his daughter. The clouds said, “ The Lord of Wind can make a good match for your daughter as he can even blow me away.”

The sage was very happy and prayed for the lord of Wind. The sage asked the wind to marry his daughter. But again the girl refused to marry the wind and said, “ O Father How can I marry such a slender person. The wind doesn't stay in one place, it always keeps moving.”

The sage was very upset and asked the wind if he could suggest a suitable groom for his daughter. The lord of wind said, “ Probably Lord of Mountain could be the perfect match. He is strong and stays at one place. He can also easily stop the strong wind blows.”

The sage prayed to the lord of Mountain and asked if he could marry his daughter. But the girl again refused to marry a mountain saying, “ I cannot marry a mountain as he is too cold and keeps blowing cold winds.” She asked her father to find a softer groom for her.

The sage who was very tired asked the mountain if he could find a suitable groom for her. The mountain said, “ Marry your daughter to a mouse as he is soft and can also make holes in the mountains.”

The girl at once agreed to marry a mouse. The sage said. “ This is your destiny my daughter. You came as a mouse and destined to marry a mouse.” Saying so the sage changed his daughter into a mouse again. Both of them lived happily ever after. 

Moral: No one can change the destiny of the person.

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