Crow in the Kingdom

Crow in the kingdom 

Akbar and Birbal had a very good relationship between them. Akbar was an emperor and Birbal was his minister. Akbar was the famous Mughal king who ruled India for many years and Birbal was his favorite minister. Birbal was one of the nine gems of Akbar. Let us read this funny story: Crow in the kingdom

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It was one bright sunny day and Akbar and Birbal were walking in the garden of their palace. Akbar was always fascinated with Birbal's witty answers. To have some fun Akbar decided to have some fun with Birbal. He asked Birbal, “How many crows are there in our kingdom? I want to know the exact number of crows.”

crow in the kingdom

Birbal understood his trick and answered, “ My lord, there are ninety five thousands four hundred and sixty three crows in our Kingdom.” 

Astonished by his immediate reply, Akbar asked, “ Birbal, how do you know such an exact number? What if we have more than what you said or less than what you said.” 

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For this Birbal replied, “ My lord, if we have more numbers then the crow from our neighboring village must have come to visit someone. And if the number is less than some of our crows must have gone to another neighboring village.” 

Akbar with all smiles on his face accepted Birbal’s sense of humor. They both walked around the garden for some more time enjoying each other's company and also discussing the issues of the kingdom.

Moral: There is always a solution for every question.

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