The bird with two heads

Bird with two heads:

Another classical story from Panchatantra. Once upon a time there lived a strange and peculiar bird with two heads on the banks of a river. It had one pair of legs and one stomach but the neck and the head was divided into two parts.

All the animals in the forest teased and made fun of this bird.  As the bird was walking in the forest the fox looked upon it and teased the bird saying as “ Is it a bird or a monster?  He looks more like an alien or monster than a bird.” For this the Rabbit and other animals replied saying as  “Yes he looks like an alien from another planet. We all should be careful” . 

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 All the animals on hearing this comment laughed and nobody in the forest cared for this bird. On listening to the comments from other fellow animals in the forest the second head felt very bad and started crying. Seeing this the first head consoled the second head by saying not to bother for these comments.

Bird with two heads

 One day as it was walking along the banks of the river one of the heads saw a delicious fruit lying on the ground. It started eating and started making comments “ Oh what a delicious fruit it is. I think god must have put it on the ground for me. I am so lucky” 

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Upon hearing this the second head commented that then why don’t you share it with me? Let me also enjoy the tasty fruit. So the first head laughed and replied “ My dear head you know we only have one stomach so whichever head eats the fruit will go to the same stomach. It won’t make any difference whether you eat or I eat” 

One day as they were walking in the forest, the second head saw some poisonous fruits lying on the ground. The second head in order to teach a lesson to the first head decided to eat the poisonous fruit. The second head told the first head that “ You deceitful head I will eat this poisonous fruit and avenge your insult” 

 On seeing this the first head tried to stop the second head from eating as he knew both would die.  The first head started crying and pleaded with the second head not to eat the poisonous fruit. But the second ead did not listen and ate the poisonous fruit. Finally the strange bird with two heads dropped to the ground lying dead.

Moral : We should never allow ego to come between relationships.

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