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Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer

 Sam sand dunes is the most important tourist destination in Jaisalmer.The main and important attractions of this is the Desert Safari. If one visits Jaisalmer and doesn’t go for desert safari then no point of going to Jaisalmer. This makes the Sam sand dunes an important tourists place for Jaisalmer. It is said that best time to visit the desert safari is during sunset and sunrise. The golden rays falling on the sand is just beyond words to express. It can be said it is a treat to the eyes. Going on a camel ride during these hours is one of the most profitable business here. They charge exorbitantly for the camel ride. Doing bargain is good. The road which leads to these dunes are very well maintained. The 3Km stretch of the dunes is no doubt one of the picturesque in Jaisalmer. There are night camps available, if one plan to stay overnight here. The place becomes lively from afternoon till next day morning. The month of February and march is more attractive as the Desert festival showcasing the culture of the Rajasthan is done on these sand dunes. Some of the cultural events that takes places in Sam sand dunes are puppet show, folk dance performance, camel races and many more gives this place truly a festive atmosphere.

Desert National park

Usually when we think of a national park, we automatically imagine of lush green thick trees, tall trees and dense forest. But as the name itself suggest desert it means no greenery. But however what we see is sand dunes. Located in the thar desert, the desert national park is a unique and different national park where different migratory birds throng to the park every year. It was establishes in the year 1980.

 On the eastern side it is covered with Aravalli Hills while on the western side is fertile plains of Indus. Towards the south is the Rann of Kutch while on the northern part it is formed by sub- Himalayan plains. The desert has an area of 3162Km2. The park is covered by 20% of sand dunes. The remaining part of the park is covered with rocky terrain rough rocks and compact salt lake bottoms.

Flora and Fauna of the desert national park

The main attraction is the Indian Bustard, a very huge bird. Even though Bustard is extinct we can see few bustards in the park. Some of the other species which one can see are varieties of Lizards, vipers. Some other major attractions are eagles, falcons, kestrel, vultures. Sand drues can also be spotted in lakes or ponds.

 Birdlife in this Thar Desert is spectacular and magnificent to see. Birds such as partridges, bee-eaters, larks, honey buzzards, falcons are some of the major attractions of the park. During winter season one can see birds like demoiselle crane and MacQueen’s bustard. In addition to bustard and other some of the species mentioned the park also houses many other birds.

Some mammals and reptiles that one can see are desert fox, Bengal fox, desert cat, monitor lizard, saw scaled viper, common krait etc.

The best time to visit is from November to January. The park is open from 10am-5pm

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